We ensure your media plan is properly delivered.

Mediaoptimise provides an audit level view of the execution of the campaign by starting with the media plan. We then inject the metrics our code collects with each ad to evaluate if the campaign is being delivered as booked.

Stay on target

Using our interface you will be able to identify under or over delivery problems that need to be addressed. Quickly find impressions outside the GEO area and placements that start before the booked start date or don’t finish in time. As results are available on a near real time basis it enables media buyers to quickly adjust and rectify any problems in flight and make sure the campaign stays on target.

Our Solution

Mediaoptimise will calculate a new effective rate paid for each placement by removing wasted impressions that are not brand safe, not in-view, non-human, not in the dates or not in the GEO. From there the remaining impressions will be used to calculate the actual wastage of the media budget.