Media Quality

We measure your campaign's performance.

Performance metrics are matched to the media plan to provide a full analysis of the contribution of each, site, placement and domain to the campaign. This allows media buyers and sellers to focus on domains that consistently return superior performance over time.


With less than half of all ads actually showing on the viewable part of the screen*, viewability has become the biggest concern for media buyers and advertisers. We use best of breed, MRC accredited technologies such as ComScore’s VCE technology to accurately detect viewability levels.

*Google 2014, ComScore 2012, Mediaoptimise results 2012, 2013, 2014.

Our Solution

To fully understand the viewability picture we have to know which impressions were actually seen by humans and which were fraudulent impressions generated by bots or malware. Recent industry studies by the ANA have found 11% of impressions are generated by bots or malware (17% on programmatic). Mediaoptimise will identify domains and traffic that is bot or fraud driven.

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